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My mother always kept a very clean house, so when she began neglecting her house cleaning, I knew something was wrong. She told me that her arthritis was making it tough for her to clean, but that she "didn't care" and that she would just "live with the dirt." I offered to clean her house many times, but she always told me no and that the dirt didn't bother her. When I noticed her sneezing from the dust in her home one day, I decided to research the health effects of a dirty house and print it all off to show her. After I left the papers with her overnight, she then let me hire a cleaning service to clean her house! I know there are others out there in a similar situation, so I want to share my research and cleaning tips with anyone who needs them!


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Suggestions For Cleaning Stubborn Spots On Your Home's Sliding Glass Door

If your home's sliding glass door is always a mess with kids' handprints and dog nose prints, then you will be happy to know there are some simple ways to remove even the most stubborn spots on the glass.

To easily clean your home's sliding glass door, simply follow these suggestions:

Suggestion #1: Grease Spot Removal

If your kids have a habit of eating greasy foods and then touching your sliding glass door, you can easily dissolve the grease with a mixture of one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap mixed in four cups of hot water. Using a cotton rag, wash the window with the dish soap mixture until the grease is gone. Follow up with some clean water to remove any soap residue. Dish soap also works well for dog nose prints and licks.

Suggestion #2: Dead Bug Spot Removal

If bugs seem to have a fatal attraction to your home's sliding glass door, then the easiest way to remove them is to purchase a container of auto glass cleaning solution at your local auto parts store. This type of cleaning solution contains special enzymes that chemically dissolve dead bugs and allow you to wipe the glass clean.

Suggestion #3: Hard Water Spot Removal

Hard water spots on your sliding glass door are caused by calcium salts left behind after hard water evaporates. Rather than scraping off the spots and risking damage to your glass door, spray the sliding glass door with white vinegar. The vinegar is an acid and quickly dissolves the basic salts on the glass. You can safely use vinegar to remove the hard water scale in other places in your home as well.

Suggestion #4: A Final Glass Cleaning and Proper Drying

Finally, once you have removed any grease, bugs, and calcium deposits, then you should clean the glass with a non-streak glass cleaning solution. While you may be inclined to use paper towels or a clean cotton rag to dry the glass, a much better option is to use newspaper. The wood fibers in newspapers are very absorbent and will not leave behind lint like cotton and paper towels will. A squeegee also works well.


As you can see, there are some very simple ways to remove even the worst spots on your home's sliding glass door. If you have any further questions about how to properly clean the windows and glass doors in your home, contact a professional residential window cleaning service, like Clear Blue Window Cleaners.