A Clean House Is a Healthy HouseA Clean House Is a Healthy House

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A Clean House Is a Healthy House

My mother always kept a very clean house, so when she began neglecting her house cleaning, I knew something was wrong. She told me that her arthritis was making it tough for her to clean, but that she "didn't care" and that she would just "live with the dirt." I offered to clean her house many times, but she always told me no and that the dirt didn't bother her. When I noticed her sneezing from the dust in her home one day, I decided to research the health effects of a dirty house and print it all off to show her. After I left the papers with her overnight, she then let me hire a cleaning service to clean her house! I know there are others out there in a similar situation, so I want to share my research and cleaning tips with anyone who needs them!


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Keeping Your Marble Floors Clean

Having marble flooring can elevate your home's interior design. Because the floors in your home can take a beating over time, it's important that you are able to maintain your marble floors in order to keep them looking nice after they have been installed. Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your marble floors remain in good repair well into the future. 1. Invest in a quality sealant. Read More 

How To Clean VCT Floor Tile

Vinyl Composition Floor Tile (VCT) is made from colored PVC by molding it into sheets through a heating process. It is found in many commercial establishments, but it now makes its way into homes because of its durability.  Cleaning the tile doesn't require expert skills, but you should maintain it regularly to preserve shine. Clean your VCT by following these tips. Maintain the Tiles To clean VCT tiles, gather: mop and broom rags mineral spirits neutral dry  liquid  floor cleaner or neutral detergent  polishing agent tile sealer  To prevent indentations, move furniture around, then minimize wear and tear by spreading floor mats in high-traffic areas. Read More 

5 Reasons To Consider Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners For Your Home

If you want to make upgrades to your home, you may be thinking about how your carpeting currently looks. If you have stained carpets that smell, it may be time to consider hiring a carpet cleaner. Professional cleaners can quickly and easily remove stains and smells so that your carpet looks so much better. Keep reading to better understand the reasons as to why you may want to consider hiring a pro carpeting cleaning company to clean your carpets. Read More 

How To Clean And Restore The Appearance Of Your Home’s Vinyl Siding

Keeping your home's exterior well-maintained and clean can improve the appearance of your home and help increase its value. As your home's siding becomes dirty and stained, it is a good idea to clean it to restores its appearance with cleaners and water from a pressure washer. If you are planning to paint your vinyl siding a new color with an approved vinyl siding paint, you should prepare its surface by cleaning it thoroughly. Read More 

Buying A Home And Keeping Your Condo? Hire A Property Manager To Make It A Rental

When you originally decided to buy a property, you may have chosen a condo over a house because it comes with fewer responsibilities and is easier to maintain overall. After several years have passed, you may be interested in buying a home, but you also want to maintain ownership of your condo. This would leave you with an empty condo after you find a new house, so you will find it worthwhile to hire a property management company to handle all the work that is involved with renting out the place. Read More