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A Clean House Is a Healthy House

My mother always kept a very clean house, so when she began neglecting her house cleaning, I knew something was wrong. She told me that her arthritis was making it tough for her to clean, but that she "didn't care" and that she would just "live with the dirt." I offered to clean her house many times, but she always told me no and that the dirt didn't bother her. When I noticed her sneezing from the dust in her home one day, I decided to research the health effects of a dirty house and print it all off to show her. After I left the papers with her overnight, she then let me hire a cleaning service to clean her house! I know there are others out there in a similar situation, so I want to share my research and cleaning tips with anyone who needs them!


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Starting A Pressure Washer Cleaning Business: Who Your Customers Are

Getting into commercial pressure washing is a great way to make an excellent living working for yourself and setting your own hours. On the commercial front, you can enjoy a wider range of customers and requested service. Once you have your equipment and are ready to start business, you need to learn who your customers are likely to be. Here is a guide to help 'pressure' you into the right direction.

Construction companies

Construction companies can utilize your pressure washing tools in many ways. They can use your services to clean their large equipment pieces and remove grime and debris after completed jobs. They can also subcontract your work to pressure wash windows and the sides of buildings they service.

Agriculture companies, such as large farming businesses, can also take advantage of your pressure washer to clean farming equipment in between uses or before they go into storage at the end of the season. Talk to your local city hall representative to see if you can get a list of local construction and agriculture businesses in your area.

Insurance companies

When a business is vandalized and graffiti is placed on fences, exterior walls, or even on front sidewalks, insurance companies will seek a restoration and cleaning company to repair damage. With your pressure washer hard at work, you can be the service to call for removing graffiti and other stains off buildings for customers who have been victimized. Talk to your business insurance company about how you can make your services listed for companies to call when vandalism occurs in your area.

Large building owners

Apartment complexes, sky rise buildings, and large manufacturing plants can all use pressure washing to keep their buildings, sidewalks, and parking areas free of stains and dirt. You can speak to managers and owners directly in your area to let them know that you are in business and the services you provide (window washing, sidewalk cleaning, mildew removal, etc).

Mechanic shops

Oil and other liquids spill on concrete and asphalt areas where mechanics frequently work. You can contract with these types of businesses to clean out garages and other areas a few times a month or even on a weekly basis.

When you advertise your commercial pressure washing business to potential clients, make sure you take with you your business cards, brochure or flyer listing your services, and any certifications or experience you may have. With this clever niche, you can gain a long list of loyal customers when you know the right demographics to approach.